Corporate Financial Analysis

Structured, clear, adaptated

Financial analysis that supports the growth of the company

Through these services, PKF Finconta provides the global perspective and the necessary local support, which means that we dedicate ourselves with the same seriousness to small local acquisitions, as well as to international transactions. A company, regardless of size, complexity, industry and stage of development, at the beginning of the road or already well-known in the market, involves specific responsibilities to develop and grow.

Our financial professionals analyze income and expenses to ensure the efficient use of capital. PKF Finconta experts come up with recommendations on the costs of a project and the capital investments needed to help the company grow. We offer the ideas, experience, independence and commitment needed for companies to be ready to take full advantage of the market.

The services we offer are the following:

  • Due diligence for company acquisitions
  • Mergers and spin offs
  • Business plan preparation
  • Performance improvement


We offer professional audit services, accounting and payroll, tax and transfer pricing consulting.

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