ESG Reporting

Strategy, proactivity, efficiency

Sustainability ensuring reduced non-financial risks

Sustainability is one of the most popular concepts in the financial world. Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations. Sustainability reporting allows companies to present their ESG-relevant information in one specific document. This option offers companies the greatest flexibility in terms of the structure and content of the report.

PKF Finconta ESG, part of the PKF Finconta Group, is a consulting firm that aims to support companies in their transition to sustainable business. Our qualified specialists can help you at any time with the preparation of your sustainability strategy and reporting.

Preparation of the Sustainability Report on 31.12.2022 based on GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives Standards) standards:

  • Voluntary compliance in order to obtain benefits such as accessing green credit, participating in auctions, winning new clients or even maintaining the relationship with existing clients as well as staff retention
  • Legal compliance with EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSDR)

Punctual or intermediate services for the preparation of the sustainability report:

  • Carbon footprint calculation
  • Study of Materiality
  • Personal training
  • Elaboration of “Sustainability Plan” or “Sustainability Strategy” in the medium term including the establishment of objectives, KPIs and targets (ScorCard)

Certification/Annual Audit of the Annual Sustainability Report


We offer professional audit services, accounting and payroll, tax and transfer pricing consulting.

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