PKF Finconta awarded at the Romanian Legal Awards Gala

PKF Finconta awarded at the Romanian Legal Awards Gala

On July 6, 2023, the Romanian Legal Awards Gala took place, the event dedicated to the appreciation of performance and excellence in the field of business law. The main purpose of this event was to highlight and appreciate professional excellence in the domestic business legal field and to inspire its providers to reach higher levels in their careers.

Among the nominees of this gala was PKF Finconta, our specialists returning home with the Best Consulting 2022-2023 award.

Through the exceptional quality of the services and the people in the team, PKF Finconta has achieved the performance of being, for almost 30 years, one of the top 10 companies on the profile market in Romania. PKF Finconta’s achievements had a significant impact on the business environment in Romania. The consulting services provided have helped companies to become more competitive, to correctly fulfill their tax obligations and to increase their financial performance.

PKF Finconta has established itself as a reliable leader in the field of professional auditing and consulting services in Romania. Through excellence, passion, exceptional quality and active involvement, specialists have brought significant value to companies in many industries. PKF Finconta continues to be a reliable partner for the clients it collaborates with, contributing to their success and development in a dynamic and competitive business environment.


Jul 06 2023


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