Ionuț Șerban

Ionuț Șerban, Audit Partner

Ionuț Șerban

Audit Partner

Ionuț Șerban is the Partner of the Audit department of PKF Finconta. His professional experience includes performing audit missions of the statutory and consolidated financial statements, procedures assignments approved for state and private companies, as well as identifying key risks for achieving the business objectives of the audited companies.

Ionuț is an accredited member of the following professional organizations: the Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors, the Romanian Chamber of Fiscal Consultants, the Body of Expert Accountants and Chartered Accountants of Romania, and the Association of Chartered Accountants of Great Britain. He graduated from the Faculty of Accounting and Management Informatics at the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, with a master’s degree in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS / IAS).

  • Over 15 years of experience in auditing, financial reporting and corporate finance
  • Focus on identifying key risks for business objectives
  • Experience in managing client portfolios in the local and international market
  • Ensuring comprehensive and appropriate benchmarks

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